Melrose Elementary offers our Kindergarten through 5th grade students a highly structured and balanced reading program. This instructional reading approach consists of 2 hours of uninterrupted reading. Our teachers are highly trained to make these 2 hours motivating and exciting for our students. Their lessons incorporate new and proven strategies to help our students achieve maximum learning.

The teachers at Melrose are also part of the cutting edge of many research based curriculum support programs. The school is currently incorporating “KnowledgeBox” which is a Brain Research and Multiple Intelligence technology program utilized to assist teachers with the planning and implementation of their daily lessons.

Reading at Melrose is supported and encouraged throughout the disciplines. All teachers have an extensive classroom library which offers a gamut of genres at varying reader levels; accessibility to these leveled books has been very successful in meeting individual student’s reading needs.

Here at Melrose we try to inspire each child to be the best reader they can be and to strive to be Better Readers Tomorrow.