The Bilingual Department at Melrose Elementary encompasses the Spanish for Spanish Speakers (Spanish S) and Spanish as a Second Language (SL) programs whose ultimate goal is to produce students who can communicate orally and in writing in English and in another language with proficiency commensurate with their experiential and educational level, age, and interests, and who can interact effectively with groups using those languages.

Spanish S

Spanish for Spanish Speakers is a full language arts program which enables students of Spanish language origin, and others whose proficiency in Spanish allows them to benefit from the program, to become functionally literate in Spanish by reinforcing and acquiring skills in listening, speaking, viewing, reading, and writing. The program is planned to be relevant to all students and reflects present day Hispanic societies and cultural values. Participation in this program is voluntary at all levels.

Spanish SL

Elementary World Languages-Spanish (formerly Spanish as a Second Language {Spanish SL}) emphasizes oral use of the language in everyday childhood experiences. At all levels, learners develop skills within contexts which build understanding of Hispanic cultures. These skills reinforce development of cognitive and affective skills. Reading and writing are introduced as students gain mastery over the sounds, structures, and vocabulary in the instructional program. Reading and writing serve not only to reinforce control over the oral language, but also to develop literacy skills. Participation is voluntary at all levels.